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Kieu-Nhi Vu


I’m a final-year biology student passionate about ecology, who’s always up for an adventure and a challenge! I love planning, problem-solving and making ideas come true. You'll catch me thinking outside the box, writing stuff down at 3 AM, giving pep talks, or laughing way too loud...

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Stacey Nesbitt

VP Academic

3rd year specializing in Biology, known for being an animal enthusiast, amateur herpetologist, avid traveler, adrenaline junkie and coffee-drinking university student. I'm easily spotted due to bright coloured hair and loud voice with a slight hint of a sarcastic undertone!

I'm here to help with any Academic information you may need for your Biology studies, and make sure to keep an eye out for our Academic events!

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Ali Mehdi

VP Social

I’m a third year molecular & cell biology student who’s passionate about bringing people together, playing music, reading every book out there and hiking. I have been working hard on bringing you events, ranging from our student breakfasts to our movie nights!

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Yasmina Chebib

VP Internal

As a camping enthusiast, nature lover, and international affairs nerd, my interests continue to diversify every day. My goal is to provide all necessary resources to every single biology student interested in enhancing their university life.

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Shima Foroudha-ghighishirazi 

VP Communications

As a biology student, one of my many joys in life is science, in addition to meeting new people (especially biology students). I want to showcase my belief in the importance of us having a tight community in the biology department!

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Kiana Ghanadi

VP Finance

I’m a third year specialization in biology who loves to travel and go on adventures either in real life or between the pages of a book. 

My favourite thing is to make people smile and I would like to accomplish that by keeping the association’s budget in line, and prioritizing your needs as students first!