The Department of Biology

This is the Department's website, which means you will find all contact information to reach out to faculty and staff. The Department also lists a few research opportunities for students. The section "Student Life" is where you will find various forms (e.g. exemptions or transfer credits) and PDFs of course outlines. In general, inquiries concerning class registration should go to Leonie Morris, our undergraduate program assistant ( However, she cannot register you for a class without the professor's consent if you have not met the prerequisites.

The Undergraduate Calendar (2020-2021)

This page lists all required classes depending on your chosen program (major, minor, specialization, or honours) and discipline (Biology, Ecology or Cell & Molecular Biology). It also contains course descriptions, prerequisites needed for each class (e.g. BIOL 321 - Evolution requires the completion of both BIOL 225 and 226) and the components involved (e.g. lecture only, or lecture and tutorial, or lecture and laboratory). This information will help you decide when to take which class, and plan your undergraduate degree better!

The Academic Calendar (2020-2021)

Here, you will find Concordia's term dates - when semesters begin and end - as well as examination and class registration periods for undergraduate students. DNE (Did Not Enter, i.e. tuition is refunded and the class does not appear on your transcript) and DISC (Discontinued, i.e. the class appears on your record and cannot be refunded, but will not affect your GPA) deadlines are also indicated.

Tuition & Fees

This is where you will find all the information about tuition, such as how they are calculated and when they are due.