So, how does this work?

Every month, the BSA organizes a contest (sometimes even two!) in which you can participate and win prizes. These prizes will generally be items or gift-cards that we order online and ship to your house or send you by email, and they will vary each month. The deadline to participate is always the 25th and winning content is featured on our website at the beginning of the following month, at the same time that we present our new contest(s). Good luck to all!

N.B.: You must include the following information in your email to enter the contest.


- Full name

- Concordia ID

- Email address

- Home address (number, street, city, country and postal code)

Contest no. 1
Best biology meme

Send us the best biology meme you have found on the Internet, or one of your very own creation to and get the chance to be displayed on our website next month! A prize will be rewarded to the best meme(s) we receive.

Contest no. 2
Halloween costume

We want a picture of you (or your pet!) in the best Halloween costume out there. Send it to to and win one of our many prizes!

November 25
th, 2020


Self-care items for the fall, gift-cards from local shops and cafés!

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Last month's winners


Thank you and congratulations to Fatima!